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      Our company, Taiwan earth Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd.,the parent company of Taiwan Limited by Share Ltd headgear, professional manufacture of circular knittingmachine has more than thirty years, to create "QXM"brand.

        Recently we will participate in the ITMA ASIA+CITMEexhibition in Shanghai, will be on show at two of the mostpopular new knitting machines:

        1.34 "54F/18G double sided computer jacquard belttransfer machine

        2.30 "48F/19G shearing machine

        World warmly welcome you and your company representatives to visit our booth, booth following ourinformation:

        Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center,Pudong New Area Longyang Road 2345

        Booth No.: E3-A04

        Extension: -20 June 16th

Sincerely hope that we can and our customers at home and abroad, to establish long-term friendly and cooperative relations, if your company has any need toDivision I fixed support.