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You are here: Home > Service > Service Mission

The market is the direction of enterprise, quality is the life of enterprise

The market is the sea, shipping enterprises, quality is the fan, who is the helmsman

Customer is our God, quality is the needs of God

Our strategy is: to the quality to win

For a customer is not easy, lose a customer is very simple

Improve customer  service quality, enhance customer satisfaction

Complaint rate treatment, customer satisfaction and joy

No guarantee of the quality is the key, can't play themarket regulation

Manufacturing must rely on low-cost competition, rely onhigh quality

The customer in mind we want to achieve, the customersdid not realize we have to do

Pay attention to the contract, to ensure the quality anddelivery on time, keeping promise:

Product brand is the symbol of quality.

Team slogan:

1, "new two": new opportunities, new challenges, new markets; service is only a starting point, with no end

2, put my heart in your hands

3, confident, honest heart, innovation;

4, network memory confidant, Tianya Zorpia

5, "hard solid, honest commitment, work effectiveness": the enterprise foundation hard style hard solid; an honestcommitment first-class enterprise service; the spirit of hard work to create the enterprise performance and efficient

6, "a pioneering study of two": politics, culture, science and technology; the economic efficiency of enterprises,creating a telecommunications services; flexible management, explore new ideas snack development

7, pioneering, innovation, based on the market for the development of high quality, high efficiency, intentions services; for the user

8, the best from the telecommunications to create comfortable life

9, aristocratic life quality of public words